Some research has indicated that unemployed workers should _________any job they can get, including, temporary work, as a bridge to well-paid employment. up
B.pick up
C.take up
D.make up
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I wish you ____________him my telephone number, but you did.
A.didn’t give
B.hadn’t give
C.wouldn’t give
D.shouldn’t give
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________ from heart trouble for years, Professor White has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes.
A.SufferedB.SufferingC.Having sufferedD.Being suffered
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Has she ever asked for the reason________ may explain his coming late?
A.whyB.for whichC.thatD.for that
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By serving others, a person focuses on someone other than himself or herself, ________ can be very eye-opening and rewarding.
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The book was written in 1946, ____ the education system has witnessed great changes.
A.whenB.during whichC.since thenD.since when
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It was not until I was chosen monitor of the class ________ to realize the importance of teamwork.
A.did I comeB.had I come.
C.when I cameD.that I came
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Cable TV began in 1948 in the USA, but it took 50 years ________ 66 percent of American households had it.
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________snacks and drinks, but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest.
A.Not only they brought
B.Not only did they bring
C.Not only brought they
D.Not only they did bring
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The information made all the students .
A.amazing, amazingB.amazing, amazed
C.amazed, amazingD.amazed, amazed
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